IRG-Rail's strategy 2021-2024

IRG-Rail's strategy 2021-2024

IRG-Rail has adopted its Strategy Document for the next four years.

This document identifies the following strategic goals for the period from 2021 to 2024:

- Promote effective and efficient regulation applied consistently across Europe

- Promote a resilient, open and sustainable European railway sector

- Promote best regulatory practice for the benefit of passengers and rail freight users

To reach these strategic goals, IRG-Rail will pursue a number of measures in the next four years. Some of these measures are organisational in nature and geared toward strengthening the IRG-Rail network as it matures. The document also identifies issues likely to play an important role in the rail sector and, therefore, in the future work of IRG-Rail. Among those issues, smart and sustainable mobility, finding new solutions for capacity management and multimodality are areas that IRG-Rail will continue to study and work on to increase its expertise and provide the sector with reliable and clear views on the key challenges to come.

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