Plenary Assembly

Plenary Assembly

The Plenary Assembly is composed of all members represented by their respective heads or representatives of their heads.

The Plenary Assembly is the forum for discussion and monitoring of the IRG-Rail’s activities and

  • takes all decisions aimed at pursuing the IRG-Rail’s objectives;
  • approves documents;
  • admits new members and excludes members;
  • approves any amendments to the Memorandum of Understanding;
  • adopts and amends its own Rules of Procedure and/or Working Arrangements;
  • appoints its Chairperson; and
  • sets up working groups and appoints the Chairpersons of the Working Groups.

The ordinary Plenary Assembly is convened by the Chairperson or by the Vice-Chairperson at least once a year and more frequently when appropriate.

Any extraordinary meeting of the Plenary Assembly is convened by the Chairperson at the request of at least a quarter of its Members.

All Members duly present are entitled to vote at the Plenary Assembly. Each Member has one vote. The quorum is two-thirds of the Members. Decisions shall be reached by consensus of all Members present.

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