Access to Service Facilities

Access to Service Facilities Subgroup

A transparent and uncomplicated access to service facilities and to rail related services provided in these facilities is crucial for achieving fair and efficient competition in the rail market. Service facilities allow railway undertakings to offer better services to passenger and freight customers and thus contribute to the enhancement of the rail market.

Directive 2012/34/EU defines basic rules for the access to service facilities and enables the European Commission to adopt implementing measures setting out the details of the procedure and criteria to be followed for the access. These measures are also to be based on the experience of the regulatory bodies.

The Subgroup Access to Service Facilities addresses all issues regarding the access to service facilities including additional and ancillary services supplied in these facilities. By assessing the existing facilities and the national differences among the IRG-Rail members the Subgroup seeks to develop a common understanding of service facilities and non-discriminatory access conditions.

In order to ensure harmonisation in the implementation of the Directive the Subgroup aims at sharing best practise and regulatory experience.

In particular, the Subgroup provides input on the development of the upcoming European implementing act on service facilities.

The Subgroup will:

  • seek to develop a common understanding of service facilities and rail related services,
  • contribute to the development of the Commission’s implementing act on service facilities,
  • review the governance aspects of service facilities,
  • share national practises on service facilities.

Should you have any more questions about the Subgroup, please do not hesitate to contact its Co-Chairs, Ms. Ulrike Weyers and Ms. Dragica Flam.

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