Access Working Group

The IRG-Rail has an important role when it comes to establishing regulatory exchange and to developing consistent regulatory practices across Europe. Passengers and freight customers and market players rely on a consistent and harmonised application of the regulatory framework across Europe.

The Access Working Group focuses on all aspects of access to railway infrastructure with respect to market barriers, access restrictions, the promotion of competition, the needs of passenger and freight customers and improved rail performance. The Working Group addresses in particular the implementation of cross-border Rail Freight Corridors initiated by the Regulation (EU) No.913/2010.

The cooperation of Regulatory Bodies on access is aimed at creating common preconditions for more competition in all rail markets and at developing common approaches to all rail freight corridor issues.
Harmonized and non-discriminatory establishment of the rules of cooperation and coordination between stakeholders play an important role in this respect.

Infrastructure capacity shall be available in an open, transparent and non-discriminatory manner for all RUs according to their needs and also for international rail freight transports.

The IRG-Rail will:

  • seek to secure the necessary rules of the national network statement at each corridor that shall be reflected in the corridor information document (CID),
  • continue with the exchange on the monitoring of Corridor OSS (Art.20 of the Regulation),
  • discuss regulatory tasks and powers regarding framework for capacity allocation (Art.14(1) of the Regulation),
  • support cooperation agreements between regulators, especially proceed to a review and adaptation of corridor agreements in the case of multi-corridor issues and of the extension of rail freight corridors or of arrangements on the basis of Article 57 (2) of Directive 2012/34/EU,
  • contribute to discussions and provide views on regulatory issues as following the process of relevant implementing acts and legal measures at European level,
  • exchange views and provide initial input on measures for facilitating access of international passenger services (4th railway package).

Should you have any further questions about the Working Group or its work, please do not hesitate to contact its Co-Chairs, Mr. Gustav Sjöblom and Mr. Roberto Piazza.

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