IRG-Rail Forum on RFC

IRG-Rail Forum on RFC

IRG-Rail for Monitoring Rail Freight Corridor Developments

IRG-Rail organise first annual forum with regards to about the recent developments on the Rail Freight Corridors.

This forum is based on a statement by IRG-Rail, which was declared during the TEN-T day on June 21 2016 in Rotterdam by the former chair of the IRG Rail, Mr. Radoslaw Pacewicz, Vice-President of the Polish regulatory body UTK. In this statement the IRG-Rail members agreed on reviewing their approaches to monitoring the developments on the rail freight corridors on an annual basis within the scope of a forum.

The first annual IRG-Rail forum will take place on September 13 2017 in Zurich, kindly hosted by the Swiss regulatory body.

The objective of the forum is to exchange on monitoring approaches for the rail freight corridors. Therefore, it offers the possibility to highlight several topics concerning the corridors, focusing on the market demands, experiences and developments. The forum is meant to bring together the regulatory bodies, international experts and experts for the operation and the organization of the rail freight corridors. For the session we are expecting representatives of the relevant stakeholder to contribute to the conference as well as other relevant market players and representatives of the rail freight corridors. We further expect participants from the European Commission, the relevant European Agencies, Ministries and European associations.

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