IRG-Rail Position Paper Rail Freight Corridors

These IRG-Rail guidelines on cooperation between national Regulatory Bodies are designed to explain how members of the IRG-Rail would expect to implement Regulation (EC) No 913/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 September 2010 concerning a European rail network for competitive freight.

The guidelines complement the Regulation and recommend methods, criteria and procedures to be used by the Regulatory Bodies of the corridors established under the Regulation.

Guidelines on cooperation according to Art. 20 of Rail Freight Regulation

This paper outlines the IRG-Rail’s initial thoughts on several aspects of the monitoring of rail freight corridors established under the European Regulation (EC) No 913/2010 of 22 September 2010, and on the role of regulatory bodies.

When European rail freight corridors start operating, monitoring of those corridors will be a key task for regulatory bodies, because it can set direction for the participants involved and can stimulate market participants to improve their activities.

Freight Corridor Monitoring Position Paper

The European Commission published its Regulation (EC) No 913/2010 concerning a European rail network for competitive freight on 22 September 2010. This Regulation sets out the legislative framework for the establishment of international market-oriented rail freight corridors. The role of regulatory bodies in ensuring non-discriminatory access to these European freight corridors is essential.

This position paper seeks to:

  • A. evaluate the Regulation, identify regulatory issues and recommend areas of cooperation; and
  • B. review the proposals of RailNet Europe in implementing the Regulation.
  • C. organisational preparation of monitoring.

Position Paper Framework Agreements

According to Article 42 (8) of Directive 2012/34/EU, the European Commission may adopt measures setting out the details of the procedure and criteria to be followed for the application of framework agreements.

This IRG-Rail paper comments on a discussion paper presented by the Commission on the occasion of a sub-group meeting of the Single European Railway Area Committee (SERAC) on 13 March 2014 and provides initial input on the Commission’s proposals.

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