Charges for Service Facilities

Charges for Service Facilities

Under the Working Group Charges, the Subgroup on Charges for Service Facilities compares charging practices among the IRG-Rail members in order to get an overview of general European charging practices for service facilities.

The subgroup aims at sharing a common understanding of the Directive 2012/34/EU charging principles and at developing a common position on notions related to service facilities’ charging. By discussing key issues and conducting shared analysis, the Subgroup seeks for common practices in terms of service facilities’ charging.

The work streams of the Subgroup Charges for Service Facilities are to:

  • Discuss on articles related to charging for service facilities in the directive 2012/34/EU;
  • Explore the role of a regulatory body on service facilities charging;
  • Share national practices on charges for service facilities;
  • Focus on the selected service facilities: passenger stations, freight terminals and maintenance facilities.

The deliverables are:

  • An overview on charging principles for all service facilities;
  • An overview with a focus on charging principles for Passenger stations (1st step), Freight terminals and Maintenance facilities (2nd step)

The Subgroup is chaired by Mr. Andreas Himmel and Mr. Alberto Oeo

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