Charges Working Group

Working Group Charges:

Directive 2012/34/EU on the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity and the levying of charges for the use of the railway infrastructure requires Regulatory Bodies to ensure non-discrimination on the railway market and, in particular, to check whether charging principles are properly applied and separation of accounts is fully respected.

Our Goals:

IRG-Rail’s Working Group “Charges” (WG Charges) continuously develops a common understanding of charging principles across the European rail sector. In particular, WG Charges will:

  • gather, organize and exchange information on charging issues (e.g. charging principles for the use of infrastructure, incentive regulation, the calculation of direct cost based charges and mark-ups, especially for international routes, accounting separation principles);
  • discuss regulatory issues related to the examination of cost components and the resulting composition of infrastructure charges, as well as to the assessment of single charging components;
  • seek to understand the implications for railway charges on the opening of the domestic markets and for the competition.

Our topics:

The Working Group Charges follows the subsequent topics:

  • Write papers and formulate common positions on charging related matters
  • Support the work of other IRG Rail Working Groups
  • Exchange with stakeholders of the rail sector, incl. RUs as well as IMs and the European Commission


Should you have any more questions about the Working Group, please do not hesitate to contact its Co-Chairs, Ms. Christiane Trampisch and Mr. Rodolphe Duterme.

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