Emerging Legislative Proposals

Emerging Legislative Proposals in the Railway Sector Working Group

The Emerging Legislative Proposals Working Group deals with proposed or upcoming European legislation, addressing issues regarding the liberalisation and improvement of the market structure in the European rail market. With the regulatory bodies” expert knowledge valuable input can be provided at any stage of the legislative procedure, notably supporting legislators in designing proposed or upcoming provisions in an appropriate and practicable manner in order to achieve the aim of establishing a competitive environment for all market players, safeguarded by independent, strong and credible national regulatory bodies.

In order to help promote a single European rail market, IRG-Rail discusses regulatory issues with the Commission on a regular basis, contributing to the development of primary and secondary legislative proposals.

In particular the Working Group:

  • closely follows ongoing policy and negotiation processes on EU legislation,
  • contributes to discussions and provides views on regulatory issues
  • provides input to upcoming legislative proposals
  • provides input on the development of European implementing acts
  • reviews the progress of implementation of European legislation in the national rail market.
  • Exchange of best practice on regulatory issues.

Should you have any more questions about the Working Group, please do not hesitate to contact its Co-Chairs, Ms. Agnes Bonnet and Mr. Christian Wolf.

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