Market Monitoring


Below you will find the 5th IRG-Rail Market Monitoring report, covering data for 2015 and previous years from 24 European countries.

In the 2015 IRG-Rail report, particular emphasis has been placed on the rules governing entry into freight and passenger rail markets and the assessment of market opening levels.

Among more than 60 figures, you can find information about:

  • railway infrastructure and track access charges
  • maps showing which market players from particular countries operate abroad
  • market shares of incumbent and non-incumbent railway undertakings
  • background for changes on passenger and freight markets
  • rules for market entry in the rail freight and passenger markets in 2015 both in terms of competition in and for the market

In the Annex, you will find definitions used for data collection, based on updated Market Monitoring Guidelines, information on main regulatory decisions and main trends on respective markets.

Additionally, IRG-Rail published for the first time a list of almost 700 railway undertakings operating on railway market with the information about their origin and main shareholder.

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