Plenary Assembly, May 2021


On 26 and 27 May IRG-Rail’s Plenary Assembly met for its first session in 2021. Chaired by Maria-Theresia Roehsler from Schienen-Control, Austria’s rail regulating body, the Plenary adopted a

  • Report on the State of Development of the TTR project: Potential Regulatory Concerns in the TTR Allocation Process,

and a

  • Statement on the Responsibility of Infrastructure Managers for Third Party Service Facility Descriptions in Network Statements.

During the Plenary, IRG-Rail’s members also addressed issues ranging from the impact of COVID-19 on the rail market to market segmentation and mark-ups, charges in freight terminals, ticketing systems in Europe, the TTR project and Rail Freight Corridors (RFC), and the regulation of railway facilities in ports.

IRG-Rail’s Plenary Assembly will meet again on 9 and 10 November 2021 in Vienna.

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