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IRG-Rail's three years strategy

IRG-Rail has published its Strategy Document outlining the main issues for Regulatory Bodies in the coming years.

European rail Regulatory Bodies just adopted a three-year strategy

23 May, 2017

In 2019, European railways are set to take a major turn with the completion of the liberalization of domestic markets. Therefore, IRG-Rail members adopted a strategy for the three years to come, following a six-month internal consultation period led by the French Presidency, on Friday 12th of May 2017.

This document outlines the main issues for the Regulatory Bodies in the coming years and sets a clear strategy to meet the challenges of the railway sector for the next decade.

If the Single European Railway Market is a common objective for all members, many obstacles, whether technical, legal or commercial remain. With this strategy, members reaffirm their commitment to remove these barriers for good.

Thanks to a better targeting of the main European stakes as well as the identification of efficient regulation tools, IRG-Rail gets equipped with a powerful and reliable toolkit for the daily regulation performed by the Regulatory Bodies aiming at providing the market players with a consistent and predictable framework among the European Union.

With the adoption of the Strategy Document, IRG-Rail follows on from its previous works and shows its determination to remain an influent actor of the European railway sector.

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