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IRG-Rail Stakeholders meetings / Brussels, 20-21 June 2019

IRG-Rail Stakeholders meetings
Brussels, 20-21 June 2019


Representatives of industry and sector operators met last week in Brussels with IRG-Rail Chair and Vice-Chair to debate sector challenges

On the 20th and 21st of June, in Brussels, IRG-Rail Presidency held meetings with industry and operators’ representatives. These meetings sought, above all, optimising stakeholder engagement and building a collective understanding in the underlying factors that promote the rail sector. The stakeholders expressed their concerns’ and stated their positions on the main challenges of the sector and entities they represent. The industry’s representatives praised IRG-Rail’s initiative for the added value of coordinating with the sectors’ stakeholders.

Stakeholder experiences and expectations for the market were also addressed. IRG-Rail President, Mr. João Carvalho and Vice-President, Mr. Serge Drugmand, met with several entities, namely:

  • UITP – International Association of Public Transport, represented by Mr. Thomas Avanzata, Ms. Anne-Laure Le Merre and Mr. Laurent Dauby. As mentioned by UITP, their objectives are “i) create the framework for attractive and efficient public transport; ii) achieve coherent public transport-friendly legislation, which is sustainable, affordable and practical in all aspects; iii) improve voluntary technical harmonisation through European research, innovation and standardization; iv) double the public transport market share and  v) create a level playing field with individual motorised transport modes.
  •  UNIFE – The European Rail Industry, represented by Mr. Philippe Citroën and Mr. Tommaso Spanevello. UNIFE is representing the European rail manufacturing industry and its “purpose is to represent its members’ interests at international and EU level. The mission of the association is to proactively foster an environment where its members can provide competitive railway systems for the growing demand for rail transport.
  • ERFA – European Rail Freight Association, represented by Ms. Carole Coune. “ERFA’s objective is to represent the voice of private and independent rail freight companies in Europe. ERFA aims to achieve the best conditions for a competitive railway sector. Creating a more business-friendly environment and customer-orientation is key to rail’s development. Our mission is to promote rail transport as a first and viable choice for customers and to ensure full market opening of rail across all of Europe.

IRG-Rail President reiterated the commitment to working closely with stakeholders.

IRG-Rail is committed to deal with genuine concerns that stakeholders may have. This commitment is underpinned by listening carefully and responding appropriately to complaints raised by stakeholders and by continue to promote meetings with stakeholders organizations, in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and focus on relevant issues across the industry.

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