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Network Meeting in Lisbon – 14 October

IRG-Rail held its second 2019 Network Meeting in Lisbon on October 14th

IRG-Rail held its second 2019 Network Meeting, in Lisbon, under the Portuguese Chairmanship of Mr. João Carvalho and the Vice-Chairmanship of Mr. Serge Drugmand. Several representatives of IRG-Rail Member states participated in the event.

During the meeting, each IRG-Rail working group presented an overview of activities developed since the last Plenary Assembly, in Oporto, and updated the Members on the development of the documents, according to the 2019 Working Programme. The documents submitted by the Working Groups will be considered in the upcoming Plenary, which will take place in Funchal, Madeira, on November 25th. This was another valuable opportunity for coordination between the Members and the Presidency and review the work developed by the IRG-Rail’s working groups and sub-groups.

The Presidency also gave feedback on the meetings held with stakeholders of the sector, namely with UITP, UNIFE and ERFA. The Presidency stated that IRG-Rail is committed to be aware and respond appropriately to the markets’ developments and evolving conditions. The Chairman pointed that the First European Mobility Workshop, held last July in Lisbon, was a great opportunity to shed light and shape the future of the Mobility and Transportation sector, and proposed that this sort of initiative is very healthy and should continue to be promoted by IRG-Rail.

Mr. João Carvalho also congratulated the Swedish colleagues for hosting several working group meetings in Tällberg, Sweden, which included coordination conferences among groups and a workshop on congested infrastructure.

The group’s discussion was beneficial and revealed the close collaboration of the Member Regulatory Bodies and working groups.

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