Press release

Representatives of The Alliance of Passenger Rail New Entrants (ALLRAIL) met with IRG-Rail to debate sector challenges

On the 10th of May, IRG-Rail Presidency together with Working group Co-chairs held a video conference with ALLRAIL that was  represented by Mr Nick Brooks, Mr Richard Stuart, Mr Guillermo Castrillo and Mr Tom Buchhold.

IRG-Rail presented the recently adopted 10th Annual Market Monitoring Report, which also contains passenger transport statistics.  Commercial passenger transport compared to PSO shows a significant decrease, resulting from the influence of the COVID pandemic. 76% of passenger transport is covered with PSO. ALLRAIL promotes new entrants and competition on market and discussed PSO awarding, TAC, focusing on mark-ups and ticket sales. 

Representatives of the IRG-Rail also discussed with ALLRAIL  the  Overview of the application of market segments and mark-ups in consideration of Directive 2012/34/EU and Overview and challenges –– integrated ticketing and through ticketing measures in the EU which are publicly available on the IRG-Rail web site. 

ALLRAIL and IRG-Rail also agreed to organise a special meeting regarding Impact assessment and international passenger traffic within following months.

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