Press release

IRG-Rail looks forward to a year full of exchange and dialogue

With the beginning of the new year, Dr. Annegret Groebel and Prof. Dr. Karsten Otte from Bundesnetzagentur (Germany) will be IRG-Rail’s Chairpersons. IRG-Rail’s working programme provides many exciting topics and ideas how to cope with the challenges of rail regulation.

The work programme contains the following topics:

  • Impact Assessment on measures to better manage and coordinate cross-border rail traffic
  • Guidelines for the establishment of Service Facility Descriptions
  • Charges in International Freight Services
  • Charges for Traction Current
  • Market Monitoring
  • Multimodal digital mobility services

With the rail sector being a key industry for the European Union’s Green Deal, the European Commission’s current initiatives on reforming cross border capacity and traffic management and consequently rail regulation offer the chance to improve the market situation in Europe and thus to contribute to Europe’s carbon reduction.

IRG-Rail is looking forward to a year full of exchange and dialogue with all stakeholders of the European rail market and providing its own input into the debate!

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