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IRG Rail Plenary Assembly held in Falun, Sweden 14-15 May 2024

IRG-Rail’s Plenary Assembly met for its spring session in Falun, chaired by Mr Jonas Bjelfvenstam and Carl Von Utfall Danielsson from Transportstyrelsen, Sweden’s Regulatory Authority for Railway. Transportstyrelsen welcomed the representatives of 24 Regulatory Bodies on site and six connected remotely.

During the meeting, the working groups presented their results in relation to the work program for the year. The focus was on IRG's input to the negotiations on the Capacity Regulation and the EU Commission's review of the SERA Directive. The direction for a new four-year strategy for IRG-Rail was also discussed and three new reports were adopted.

The Plenary adopted the following documents:

  •  “ Network access challenges following the deployment of ERTMS” .
     This paper details the main results of the investigation initiated in 2023 by IRG -Rail to get a better understanding of the implication of ERTMS deployment for network access across Members States. The paper focuses especially on ERTMS deployment modalities (“National Implementation Plans" publication, coordination of trackside and on-board implementation, financing plan), on its added value for the development of the Single European Area and on potential barriers to market entry (incompatibilities, costs, lack of information, lack of international coordination, etc.).

  • ”Overview Paper on International Freight Services”.
    This paper gives an overview about international freight services from the charging perspective. The paper therewith looks at the level of charges in the different IRG-rail member countries as well as differences in the freight charging schemes. To a certain extent, it integrates views on costs and cost drivers for international freight services.

  • ”Report on the outcomes of monitoring of rail freight corridors’ KPIs”.
    This paper contains a brief written report on the outcomes of the activity of monitoring the latest available data concerning KPIs for Rail Freight Corridors.


The next IRG-Rail Plenary Assembly will be held in November 2024.

  • IRG Rail Plenary Assembly held in Falun
    IRG Rail Plenary Assembly held in Falun
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