Former Chairpersons

Serge Drugmand

REGUL - 2020

  • Serge

Serge Drugmand holds a Law Degree obtained through U.C. Louvain and also an advanced Master’s in European & International Law.

After more than 10 years of entrepreneurship in the graphics industry, Serge undertook a new career path in the transport sector. The experience gained combined a large variety of tasks, at both operational and decision-making levels.

Through the NMBS, he improved skills in liability and litigation matters at the Legal Department of the Belgian incumbent.

For several years, he also provided advice and assistance on mobility & transport issues for the Walloon Government. At that time, he developed a strong expertise in Financial & Public Policies.

Since 2013, he has held the position of the CEO of the Belgian Regulatory Body for Railways and the Brussels National Airport. In this role he has created and implemented strategic tools to improve the quality of economic regulation. Regarding the management of this Agency, he has designed a new structure that should provide more effectiveness and sustainability of this organization.

His areas of interest include policy effectiveness and dynamics of markets in network industries. Since he started as an expert in the Regulatory Body, he has been dedicated to European cooperation. This experience has given him the opportunity to extend the boundaries of European cooperation, as much as possible. In the context of the economic slowdown and less and less public funding, he has highlighted the necessity to introduce a new culture to provide a high-quality of public services and sustainable transport markets.

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