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IRG-Rail Stakeholders meetings – UIC meets IRG-Rail Chair, Paris, 16 April 2019

UIC met this week in Paris with IRG-Rail Chair to debate sector challenges

On the 16th of April, in Paris, IRG-Rail Presidency held a meeting with industry representative. This meeting follows the meetings that took place in Brussels at the beginning of the month.

IRG-Rail President, Mr. João Carvalho and IRG-Rail Presidency Coordinator, Ms. Teresa Gonçalves, met with:

  • UIC – The Worldwide Railway Organization, represented by Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux. As mentioned by UIC, “UIC, the worldwide professional association representing the railway sector and promoting rail transport UIC leads an innovative and dynamic sector, helping Members find continuing success and opportunities. Members are invited to take a proactive role in the UIC working groups and assemblies where the railways’ position on regional/worldwide issues is shaped. Active participation in the working groups is a unique opportunity to voice opinions and benefit from the weight of the railway sector at a coordinated worldwide level”.

These meetings with stakeholders sought, above all, optimising stakeholder engagement and building a collective understanding in the underlying factors that promote the rail sector. UIC praised IRG-Rail’s initiative for the added value of coordinating with the sectors’ stakeholders.

IRG-Rail President reiterated the commitment to working closely with stakeholders and to deal with their genuine concerns. This commitment is underpinned by listening carefully and responding appropriately to complaints raised by stakeholders and by continue to promote meetings with sector representative organizations, in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and focus on relevant issues across the industry.

The main point emerging from these meetings is that affective stakeholder engagement is that which promotes learning and innovation to drive improvement in impact and performance.

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