Press release

Representatives of the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA) met with IRG-Rail to debate sector challenges


On the 7th of July, the IRG-Rail Presidency together with the Co-chairs of the Working groups held a video conference with ERFA that was represented by Mr Dirk Stahl, the CEO and Mr Conor Feighan, the Secretary general of the ERFA.

ERFA was established in Brussels in 2002, as the voice of new entrants to support the European vision for a liberalised railway market and represents private and independent railway companies from across Europe.

IRG-Rail presented the recently adopted 10th Annual Market Monitoring Report, which also contains freight transport statistics. ERFA congratulated on the Report.  During the meeting were also discussed following topics: impact of the COVID on railway market and the reduction of the TAC as a measure to mitigate the negative consequences of the pandemic, market share of the new entrants and the stability of infrastructure services, which is very weak due to work and traffic interruptions. It was also mentioned that the proportion of multimodal transport is growing in some EU countries and that this is a trend that we can expect to affect the entire EU. ERFA is supporting different AI techniques, which should help all RUs, especially on the international market. When it comes to corridors a coordinated and uniform approach and clear rules are as important as the IT systems.





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