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The annual meeting of RNE and IRG-Rail

November 29, 2022 – The regular annual meeting of representatives of independent regulatory bodies organized in IRG-Rail and infrastructure managers (RNE) on the topic of more efficient management and coordination in cross-border rail transport was held via video conference. Introductory presentations were held by representatives of RNE, referring to the virtual European traffic management network, which is based on data exchange and joint decision-making between stakeholders involved in the rail transport market, including Service facilities. The status of implementation of TTR (Timetabling and Capacity Redesign), review of DCM (Digital Capacity Management) and TCR (Temporary Capacity Restrictions) was also reported. The representative of IRG Rail gave an introductory presentation on the observations in TTR and the response to the European Commission's public consultation on international freight and passenger transport.

In the continuation of the meeting, among other things, the role of regulatory bodies in connection with the publication of descriptions of service facilities on web portals and the importance of data quality, coverage of facilities and service offers were highlighted. A new structure of the Network Statement was also proposed, which would include two new chapters on Management and Service facilities, and plans for the development of guidelines on the application of Art. 4 of Commission Implementing Regulation 2017/2177 on access to railway-related service facilities and services.

After the presentations, a constructive discussion began on the aspects of cooperation and the joint approach of the Regulatory Authorities, RNE and the European Commission.



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